Resourcing our Vision

In 2019 Mark our vicar released an updated vision to St Mary of Bethany

What is our Plan?

  • The Parish Profile for St Mary of Bethany set out a vision of what we would like to achieve with the principle emphasis and focus being on drawing more people into the church. 
  • Mark set out our plan for 2018-2020 – which was –
    • To become more focused on mission and evangelism within our Parish and then in wider community in Woking.
    • To employ an associate vicar.
    • To start planning to develop our building to support our ministry and to serve our church and the local community more effectively.


  • Our 2020-2021 plan builds on this vision with three focuses –
    • Going Deeper – everyone taking the next step I their discipleship journey with Jesus
    • Going Further – Developing our mission and evangelism to reach more people with the gospel
    • Ready to build – consulting and planning to upgrade our church building


2018 and 2019 progress

We have progressed all three elements—
1. Being Community— we have welcomed the community through our regular services, leaflet drops for Christmas and Easter, held a community day, the Beacon Event, hosted two (soon to be three) elections, two Men’s Evenings, in addition to our regular events
2. We have appointed Sarah Tapp as our curate and appointed Bekah Clark as associate vicar in March 2020.
3. We have completed a study on the building needs and briefed an architect.

Preparing the way

Our associate vicar has been appointed for a three-year term starting in March 2020. Generous one-off gifts received in 2018/19 have allowed us to set aside 44% of the estimated cost of this three year appointment, but we pray that regular giving will rise to cover the remainder.

Regular giving remains constant

Income from regular donations has remained at the same level over the last 5 years. We have seen regular giving under pressure as some of our committed and regular contributors have moved away from the area. To support the associate vicar we will need to increase our regular giving by this amount and more. We cannot rely on one-off gifts to close the gap that we have each year between regular income and our expenditure.

Supporting the plan

In 2020 this gap will be £18,000.  The average gift from regular givers is £34 a week plus gift aid. This gap is the equivalent of 10 new givers donating regularly at this level. By 2024 we estimate that our regular giving, one off donations, legacies and gift aid will need to increase by £88,000 from today’s levels. We ask existing givers to review their giving on a regular basis.

How can we all help

The Parish Giving Scheme (PGS) and giving by Standing Order are the easiest and best ways to give regularly. There are additional ways in which we can all give.

  • PARISH GIVING SCHEME: Tick the box allowing for annual inflationary increases under the PGS. Today 40% of those in the PGS have not ticked this box.
  • STANDING ORDER: Review your giving regularly— 43% of regular givers have not changed their giving in the last 2 years.
  • ONLINE SHOPPING WITH EASYFUNDRAISING.ORG.UK. In 2019 we have received on average an extra £46 per month through this channel.
  • CONTACTLESS GIVING: Give digitally using the electronic card reader - a great way for one-off gifts for specific appeals. In 2019 we have raised an average of £33 per week with this channel.
  • GIFT AID: If you are a UK taxpayer, St Mary’s can collect gift aid, which adds an extra 25% to your gift.
  • LEGACIES:  Make provision to support the work of St Mary’s into the future.Please share any ideas with the Finance Team that you might have which will support our vision and work in Woking.