Did you know?

Jesus spoke more about money and possessions than any other subject save for the Kingdom of God.

What is the cost of our ministry and mission?

It costs around £1,000 per day to resource our ministry and mission, to run our church and to meet its other responsibilities.

Regular income has stayed flat

Income from voluntary regular donations has remained relatively consistent over the last 5 years. However, we continue to see regular giving under pressure as some of our committed and regular contributors have moved away from the area—each year we see the potential to lose £10,000 in regular donations. For 2020, we are budgeting the same rate of giving as 2019, but we will need new or increased giving to fill the gaps.

Regular giving does not cover our costs

One-off donations and legacies have in the past ensured we are able to cover our expenses, as regular giving alone is insufficient.  In 2020 we will need an additional £18,000 in regular giving or one-off donations to meet our budget.

We have a relatively balanced profile

Relative to many parishes we do have a more balanced spread of giving from an age profile perspective—but over half our regular givers are over 60 years old.

Our mission to giving

Each year we tithe 10% of our giving to our mission partners. In total in 2019 we gave more than £58,000 to local, national and international missions.

Parish Share

The cost of the Parish Share in 2018 was £95,000. This is the money we pay to the Diocese of Guildford—our contribution to supporting less affluent parishes, the stipend for our vicar, the costs of pensions, training and the other costs of the Diocese.

Our major costs

Our major costs are staff salaries, the Parish Share, mission giving and the upkeep of our buildings.

Our regular gifts are concentrated on a few givers

Analysis of the regular gifts show that 24 of our of our regular givers account for well over half of our regular giving—

Gift aid

Gift aid is a vital source of additional revenue and last year we were able to claim £59,000 in gift aid. Gift aid increases the value of a gift by 25% and last year £23,212 was not gift aided.

Matt Browne, 14/02/2021